Backflow Services

Our Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers
service Manatee County;

We perform more than 7,000 tests annually, maintaining 100% timely reporting of the test results to the County;

AND, we will Meet or Beat any bona fide competitor's pricing.

Call or email our office to schedule a test or to inquire about our testing program. Please provide your name and email address, address of the backflow device, phone number, and billing address (include name of subdivision, if applicable).


Backflow Units


We will send you an invoice that includes a link to our Make a Payment page. Once we receive payment, we will add your backflow preventer(s) to our testing schedule for the month. Upon completion of your recertification test(s), we will timely submit the results to the appropriate city or county cross connection control office. If the device fails, we will contact you with your repair options.


Backflow Prevention – Manatee County


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