About Us

Howz It Flowin Agin is a majority female-owned company specializing in backflow preventer testing and the repair, replacement and installation of residential backflow preventer assemblies, as well as general plumbing services.

Our President, Diane Harrison, began her career in the steel mills of West Virginia. She holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering and a J.D. from Stetson University College of Law. She is a Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly ("BPA") Tester and Repair Technician.

Her husband, Michael Daniels, a Vietnam veteran with a B.A. in Management, is the Manager of our backflow preventer testing operations. He is a Certified BPA Tester and Repair Technician.

Anna Williams is our Office Manager. She holds an A.A.S. in Criminal Justice and manages our employee hiring and training, bookkeeping, county permitting, and advertising. She is a Certified BPA Tester.

Samantha Bradham, a Certified BPA Tester, fills in at the office on days that Anna is out testing. She has worked for both Plumbing and HVAC contractors and is in the field the majority of her time.

Jonathan Sietsma, our Vice President, is also our Plumbing Supervisor. He has a B.A. in Mathematics and supervises all backflow preventer testing and repair work and performs all non-BPA plumbing services. He is our Licensed Plumber and a Certified BPA Tester.

We are ALL certified in backflow preventer testing by the University of Florida Training, Research and Education for Environmental Occupations ("UF/TREEO")1. And we ALL test. Diane and Michael are also certified by UF/TREEO as Backflow Prevention Assembly Repair and Maintenance Technicians.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest in backflow prevention technology and local and state rules and regulations allows us to keep our customers well informed. If you have any questions when you receive your notice from the County, give us a call – we will be happy to help.

Quality service and integrity are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy and we will fulfill that promise. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied we will work to resolve any issue so no client is left without the correct work being performed.

1 UF/TREEO's Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester Program is the only Florida Section of the American Water Works Association accredited program in the State of Florida.

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